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MMTC Limited
Public Sector Undertakings
Precious Metals
E-tender for appointment of Carting agency for Seepz and Cargo offices
0 200000 0
mmtc Seepz and Cargo
mmtc limited, Gems and JewAellery Complex , Seepz Sez, Andheri , Mumbai - 400096
same as above
PreBid Meet Date: 07-Dec-2021   At : 14:00
30-Nov-2021   At : 05:30
30-Nov-2021   Up To : 19:00
30-Nov-2021   Up To : 20:00
20-Dec-2021   Up To : 14:00
20-Dec-2021   At : 15:00
E-TENDER FOR services of carting agent for carting/transportation of valuable Cargo From Mial ACC Sahar To/From SEEPZ-Mumbai and loader(s) services ,Facility management services at MMTC Cargo & Seepz

seepz_carting_tender__Nov2021_re-tender.pdf    (Click to view)

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